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welcome to what I love.

Borealis Bakery is my dream; I have always wanted to open a bakery since I started when I was six years old. I bake from scratch (no mixes!), have never taken a culinary class, and learn solely from cookbooks, blogs, baking websites and so on.

Music is a compilation of some of my favorites that I have heard or have encountered at concerts, on blogs, and from friends. Music has been a huge part of my life; it was through music that I first started speaking when I was four years old despite having a learning disability. I’m an avid concert-goer and music festival attendee, and always happy for suggestions 🙂

Quotes & Calligraphy are from books I read/the internet/from friends, and all of the calligraphy photographed is hand written by me.

Travel compiles my adventures, as well as discounts & deal hunting websites for satisfying the wanderlust within. Photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted.

please enjoy & always remember, adventure is out there.